Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Review

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Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Review

Mi Note 2 in the Review – a top smartphone Xiaomi with dual Edge-screen like Samsung, strong components and a fair price for it. Read here why you do not buy the mobile phone better!
In the China mobile phone, Xiaomi Mi Note 2 strong hardware components are at a comparatively good price. However, we also have reason to complain.
Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Review
Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Review

Handling, design, and display: Remembers Samsung

Mihis note 2 copies Xiaomi partially in detail the design of the Galaxy S7 Edge or Note 7 from Samsung. The glass on the front and back is rounded on the side edges, the mobile phone is, therefore, comfortable in the hand. Xiaomi installed a 5.7 inch OLED display that is slightly curved on its sides – dual-edge. An additional software function as the Edge models of Samsung provides the screen contrast, do not – well, a real advantage they do not offer anyway. The curves are only for optics. The display of the Mi Note 2 is not comparable with the Samsung Edge models because the content is less sharp and colors and one see streaks in the background. The overall picture is worse.

Power: Tidy power

Under the hood, the current quad-core processor Snapdragon 821 from Qualcomm with up to 2.35 GHz as well as a 4 GB large memory. The performance in the benchmarks can be seen: 31,801 points in the 3D Mark “Ice Storm Unlimited” and 138,634 points in the Antutu benchmark. The benchmark results are higher on average than in the flagship competition.

Equipment and software: Neither German nor Google services

Negative: The Mi Note 2 comes with the Android 6.0.1-based Android Fork MIUI 8.0. Meaning: Xiaomi renounces the classic Android OS and instead uses the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) to bypass the Google rules. Therefore, you will not find Google services like the Play Store or Gmail on Mi Note 2. Xiaomi replaces it with its own applications. Through a Google installer whose APK you find on the Internet, you can get the Google services on your mobile phone.
The system is unfortunately only available in Chinese or English. But even if you use the Mi Note 2 in English, Mandarin would be helpful here and there, because not everything is translated properly. This makes the operation difficult or impossible. 
Positive: Thanks to the dual SIM feature allows you to use two SIM cards at the same time if needed. And the internal memory is quite large in our Review model with a total of 64 GB, of which 58 GB are free. The larger and more expensive variant offers 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of memory instead of 4. A memory extension is missing. There are also USB-C, WLAN-as, Bluetooth 4.2, Infrared and NFC.
Note: If you import a smartphone from China, usually lack LTE Band 20. Take therefore the words “global” version. Because only the global version offers the LTE volume 20 – so also with the Mi Note 2. This volume is mainly used in Germany, which is why it is not often released in a device sold here is not officially sold. Especially in rural areas, you probably will not be surfing at high LTE speeds, because the mobile phone can not evade other LTE bands. In the urban area, this is partly different.
In addition, there is no CE marking, which prevents the import of the device by the customs. And the device is not a German power supply to charge, only the USB cable can be used here. 

Mobility: Long battery life

With 4070 mAh the built-in battery brings a high capacity. The run time is therefore comparatively long with 11:06 hours and is enough in practice for up to 2 days. The rechargeable battery pack is charged up to 50 percent within 30 minutes.

Multimedia: Many pixels

The rear-mounted camera offers 22.56 megapixels and an f / 2.0 aperture. The lens protrudes only minimally from the housing. The quality of the cam is in daylight smooth average. The images are basically sharp – at first sight – but clear artifacts are quickly apparent – the images rush even in daylight. This becomes even more intense with less good light conditions.

Review CONCLUSIONS: Xiaomi Mi Note 2

Z was stand out performance and battery life of the Mi Note 2, but the obvious design Klaus from Samsung, the bad-to-use software lead us to utter any purchase recommendation for the use in Germany due to unclean or lack of translation and the unsightly display.
Put in this case, prefer to this country officially available competitors such as theOnePlus 3T with similar performance hardware that is already from 439 euros in OnePlus Store are.
And the chic edge design can be found at the Galaxy S7 Edge better processed from around 560 euros in PC World price comparison (as of 12/22/2016).
+ Very high performance
+ Long battery life
– Poor software without Google services
– Only English and Chinese
– No LTE band 20, no CE logo
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