Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD Review

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Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD Review

Today I’m going to talk about the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro and the experience I’ve had with them.
Xiaomi has released several models of In-ear earphones. Today, thanks to Mi, we will thoroughly analyze the best of the company along with my experience after using them.
If something characterizes Xiaomi is the low price of its products. Usually this is synonymous with poor quality but in this case, it is rather the opposite. If you are tired of all those “Chinese” helmets and you want audio care and comfortable helmets read on.
Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD Review
Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD Review

Design of the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD

As we can appreciate have a simple design, the sea is elegant and durable. It leaves much of your metal body out of our ears, favoring your comfort by just having the silicone inside. Having them in your hands we see how solid they are, with a great choice of metal for the body and with some plastic that protects the cable.
We see how the cable, being made of a material of great quality, shows a touch and considerable resistance. When dividing for each headset we see that it becomes thinner and seems more fragile, but following solid. It should be noted that in all the time I have used them I have not been tangled once, which denotes their characteristics. Both the Jack and the 3 buttons it incorporates are built with the same metal as the headphones.
The microphone stays at the perfect distance, close enough to the mouth to speak without having to shout. This favors its use, not like most headphones in which we have to bring it to the mouth to be heard.
To finish this part mention that they are very light. After long sessions of use hardly notes that you wear them. This last is thanks also in part to the variety of pads that incorporates, for all sizes.

Sound of the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD

Now let’s move on to the most important part, the sound of the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro.
Throughout my life, I have tried countless headphones and helmets. In fact, I usually use the recommended Superlux HD 668B, studio-quality headphones. Well, these Xiaomi Hybrid Pro have nothing to envy in terms of sound quality. Despite being an In-ear helmets they defend themselves in a spectacular way, giving incredible audio.
I have tried them both with songs with very high and high pitched recordings and the quality and clarity do not disappear in any second, having a frequency of 20-20,000 Hz. Overriding external sound also helps this, as we get into the music. The power it possesses also helps a lot, at no time have I needed to put my phone to loud volume to hear well.
In addition, if we have a Xiaomi phone we have the possibility of having a special configuration for them. In the settings of headphones and audio effects, we have the option of My Sound Enhancer. When activated, the Mi In-ear Pro HD is available and when activated we see a considerable audio improvement.

Price and availability of the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro

These In-ear headphones are now available and we can find them in almost any store.
We recommend Mi, which is the company that has provided us with these headphones. At this moment we can find them on offer for about 22 €.

Conclusions on the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD

The conclusion is simple, we are facing what could easily be the best quality/price headphones on the market.
I have used them to play sports, to listen to music while traveling, as headphones connected to an amplifier and to listen to my guitar. In all the fields he has managed to conquer me. They have now removed the main post to all my other headphones and helmets.
Sincerely for the price they have you can not have a more professional audio or a more versatile headset. I would recommend your purchase without hesitation.
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