Trump says “immigration is not a right” and reiterates that Obama spied on him and Merkel

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Trump says “immigration is not a right” and reiterates that Obama spied on him and Merkel

US President Donald Trump has met with Angela Merkel at the White House on Friday, in an expected and delayed meeting in which both leaders have smoothed out rough edges. Speaking of the arrival of immigrants to both the US and Germany, Trump has said that ” immigration is a privilege, not a right” to defend its policies on that issue. He has also again blamed his predecessor, Barack Obama, for spying on him and the German Chancellor.

Despite some previous details, such as the fact that Trump did not want to shake hands with Merkel before the photographers, both have made the effort to give an image of good relations, after several months of cross-criticism. In fact, the Chancellor has begun her speech at the joint press conference saying: “We have realized that it is better to speak with each other instead of one over the other.” At their meeting, the two leaders discussed trade, immigration, and international alliances. They have thanked each other for their commitments in international conflicts, such as Ukraine, the fight against terrorism and spending on NATO. The president of the United States has assured that ” immigration is a privilege, not a right,” and insisted that the protection of the citizens of his country should be a national security priority. Trump said that both agreed on the “priority to protect” the citizens of their respective nations and that “immigration security is national security.” “We also recognize that immigration security is national security. We must protect our citizens from those who seek to spread terrorism, extremism, and violence within our borders,” he told reporters. Trump insisted that “immigration is a privilege, not a right,” and that “the safety of our citizens must always be the first, without question.”

Fight against terrorism
Regarding the fight against terrorism, the US president appreciated the German efforts to end the jihadist Islamic State (EI) group and stressed that the two countries should “continue working together” to protect themselves from Islamist terrorism. “I applaud Chancellor Merkel for Germany’s contributions, both civilian and military, as a member of the coalition against the EI,” Trump added. During the election campaign, Trump harshly criticized Merkel for accepting Syrian refugees in her country, a policy diametrically opposed to her actions on US soil, as she has twice tried to bar the entry of such refugees, although her orders were blocked By Justice. “In Germany, I always thought that Merkel was a great leader, but what she has done in Germany is crazy, it’s crazy. , Are having all sorts of attacks, “said the late president in late 2015. For her part, Merkel criticized in January the immigration veto imposed by Trump and then suspended by the courts.


Trump has reiterated to Merkel his support for NATO, a matter that brought differences between the US and Europe at the beginning of its mandate because of the threat of leaving the alliance if the other partners did not put more money on the table. “I have reiterated my strong support for NATO as well as the need for allies to pay their fair share of the cost of leadership,” Trump said. The US president has thanked Merkel for his commitment to increasing spending on defense and support in conflicts such as Ukraine, Afghanistan and Islamist terrorism. “We have much to be thankful for, especially the Marshall Plan that made Germany’s economic boom possible, and German reunification was made possible by the cooperation of the United States And allies. “

‘Spies’ by Obama 
Even Trump took a question to highlight the good relationship with Germany with a joke. He said he has ” something in common” with Merkel: that both, according to him, have been spied on the order of former President Barack Obama. “On the wiretaps of the previous Administration, at least we have something in common, maybe,” he said sarcastically. Trump’s comment is a reference to the revelation in 2013 that a Merkel mobile phone was tapped by the US National Security Agency (NSA) between 2002 and 2012, a period that includes part of the presidency of George W. Bush and part of Obama. That revelation greatly irritated the German government, which even threatened the US with the expulsion of diplomats and later tried unsuccessfully to persuade Washington to sign a treaty of mutual non-espionage. The German chancellor listened in silence to Trump’s statement, which generated expressions of surprise and laughter among the journalists present, and avoided reacting to it. The US president spoke in response to a question about his accusation that Obama ordered wiretaps at New York’s Trump Tower last year, something the former president denies and what Trump has not put forward.
Trump took advantage of the press conference to launch his already traditional attacks on Trump, and repeated that Obamacare is “a disaster.” In fact, one journalist asked her why she attacked Obama so much and if she was not afraid that weakening trade with the EU would also weaken her country. “A kind journalist,” he told Merkel from the dais before responding. ” I do not believe in isolationist policies, but trade policy has to be fair. The US has been treated unfairly and that is going to end.” I defend free trade, but our international trade was poorly designed and allowed very bad things. ” “I am in favor of fair trade, but I absolutely do not want to isolate ourselves,” he reiterated, addressing the journalist: “I do not know which newspaper you read, but this is a new example of fake news 
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