The Exalted Federer crowned in Indian Wells

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The Exalted Federer crowned in Indian Wells

The Swiss beat Wawrinka (6-4 and 7-6), signing his fifth title in the Coachella Valley and 90th of his career. At 35 years and seven months, he disqualified Agassi as the most veteran player to win a Masters 1000

Some, not a few, daring them, said not long ago that Roger Federer might have done well to pick up his junk and go home to enjoy a sweet retreat, there in the Swiss mountains, placidly stretched out on the couch, contemplating with perspective The lavish work that has been building over 20 years of career. However, those few, foolish in the light of the facts and the results, did not take into account the true dimension of the Swiss, who defeated Stan Wawrinka in the final of Indian Wells (6-4 and 7-5, In 1h 19m) again said no, that by no means, that he has left rope for a while and that he can be exalted in longevity, because he is simply an unrepeatable tennis player.

Heading towards the 36 springs, Federer continues to rediscover and reinvent himself, enjoying and making enjoy.His last triumph in the Californian desert has little to do with those of years ago, because this time he has won with a very different version, disguised as a gunman and without wasting forces or ammunition. A different way, without plots or entanglements, but equally seductive, because the Swiss retains the essence and continues to win, although today its success is forged mainly in the reverse and not in the right.
With yesterday, there are already 90 titles he counts, so he is closer to Ivan Lendl (94), the second most laureated player in history after Jimmy Connors (109). The victory against Wawrinka, in addition to his fifth Indian Wells trophy, 25th of a Masters 1000, earned him the honor of becoming the veteran tennis player who won a second-place tournament, with Andre Agassi of the United States (34 and three Months in Cincinnati 2004). And the thing is not there because the sublime performance in the Valley of Coachella will allow him to displace to in the sixth position of the ranking to Rafael Nadal.
Thus expresses the present of the genius, who started the year in the sixteenth position and now sees again the top of the circuit. And is that right now there is no better player, or certainly not more competitive. While world number one Andy Murray does not end up getting his pulse a year, and Novak Djokovic continues to convey doubts and more doubts, he is emerging again as a fierce and determined winner. None, neither Murray nor Djokovic nor Nadal, whom he defeated in the final in Melbourne and thrashed in the second round of the latter event, have proved to be above the Swiss, who initiated the latter award with power and sufficiency as They were reminded.

12-1: only one loss in 2017

There is no better present than Federer, clinging to the carpe diem, winner this season in all pulses against top-10 players (6-0) and with an extraordinary balance of 12 wins and a single loss, a bad day in Dubai. The rest, all performances formidable and without bugs, like the one that carried out before Wawrinka. This resisted his, until the tenth game of the first set, but yielded the service and gave partial so that the story was put very uphill to him. He then straightened, with a break just starting the second set – the first that fit Federer throughout the tournament, but the winner broke the serve immediately followed and then extended the recital to finish uncorking the champagne. Again, the second in 2017.
The image was repeated again. The one in Basel, as if he were a hungry rookie, raising his arms to the sky before the 17,000 spectators that crowded the central. In the front row, the legendary Rod Laver, winner of 11 big; A man who, in his 80s, takes the airplane to enjoy the Swiss. No longer does it seem rather sporadic to see Federer raise trophies. While others had picked up the packets and had already returned to the canton, he was still ahead like no one else.

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