Samsung Galaxy S8 : Price, Launch, Specifications

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Samsung Galaxy S8: Price, Launch, Specifications

With the end of the marketing of the Galaxy Note 7, the next flagship Samsung is expected by all fans of the brand. Little by little, new information about a future Galaxy S8 is gaining form. Update: The latest rumors are related to the release date and the possible increase in unit price compared to its predecessor. Check out these details by going to “section release date and price .”

Samsung Galaxy S8 : Price, Launch, Specifications
Samsung Galaxy S8: Price, Launch, Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S8 – Launch date and price

Launching in February: It’s not news that the Galaxy S line of devices is usually launched during the first quarter of the year, specifically, the day preceding the opening of the MWC, one of the most important technology fairs in Europe. Not coincidentally, this is the day for manufacturers to present their products to the press and, next year, this will happen on February 26, 2017.
April release: Samsung ended the investigations of the explosions of the Galaxy Note 7 and the technical report has been delivered to the responsible agencies. We still do not know the result of this study, but the content of the material should be public still in 2016. Now that the company finally unraveled this mystery, it seems that we may have a delay in launching the Galaxy S8.
The South Korean manufacturer may launch the device in April 2017 at a dedicated event in New York. The idea is that the company work with security agencies not to suffer problems such as the battery explosion that resulted in the withdrawal of Galaxy Note 7 from the market. However, the company has not yet made that decision official, so we’re still talking about rumors here.
Price:  a study by the Institute Goldman Sachs showed that the Galaxy S8 will cost 15-20% more than Galaxy S7. That is because, according to the company of research in the financial area, the possible innovations present in the device should make the device more expensive. In this way, the Galaxy S8 is expected to hit the market for the suggested price of $ 950, approximately $ 3,202.64 in a direct conversion. It is worth remembering that Galaxy Note 7 had the suggested price of R $ 4,299.00 (64GB) in Brazil. 
Samsung Galaxy S8 – Design
The absence of minijack input:  According to an exclusive news channel  SamMobile, chances are that the Galaxy S8 hit the market without the traditional entrance to the headphones. If on the one hand, this is a good thing for Samsung engineers, they will have more space for other components, such as the battery, for example, for users can be a headache, since we would have to buy an adapter if we want to use our Headphones with 3.5mm input. Note that during the presentation of Note 7, the executives of the company criticized the fact that Apple removed such entry. For more information, click the link below:
Ultrasonic biometric sensor:  according to the site Ubergizmo, the cell next Samsung will be released without the home button. The reason would be the saving of space for better use of the housing from the device to the screen. This would represent a major change to the manufacturer, according to the site, could incorporate the fingerprint reader on the screen, using ultrasonic technology from Qualcomm, as Xiaomi recently made in Mi 5s.
Optical biometric sensor: the Galaxy S8 will probably leave the physical home button back, which could make it the first smartphone with an optical fingerprint sensor under the screen. Synaptics has just announced the launch of its optical-based fingerprint sensors for smartphones and tablets, expected to go into mass production in the second quarter of 2017. Although this date does not coincide with the possible Galaxy S8 release calendar, Scheduled for late February 2017, Synaptics is Samsung’s current supplier of fingerprint scanners so we’ll have to wait and see. The FS9100 fingerprint sensor is water resistant and is scratch proof, according to the company.
Samsung Galaxy S8 – Screen
The screen is perhaps the most important feature of a smartphone since it is from the display that other components of the device are thought or even the design. Regarding the Galaxy S8, rumors show that Samsung is experimenting with different approaches:
Screen Edge, S8, and S8 Plus instead of S8 Edge: it is very likely that Samsung chooses to use an edge screen in the smallest model of the Galaxy S8 Edge. This decision would oblige the manufacturer to remove the Edge nomenclature from the line, starting to use only Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge.
Maintenance of qHD resolution: Sources close to the site  SamMobile revealed that the next South Korean flagship should come with a screen with 2K resolution and 5.5 inches (1440 x 2560 pixels), and not with a 4K resolution, as pointed earlier rumors. In addition, the new device must come with OLED M8 technology, which is superior to what we have in the current screens that use this technology in terms of color and contrast. The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge use OLED in the M7 standard.
Design borderless:   according to a source of Bloomberg, the Galaxy S8 screen will occupy almost the entire front of the machine, causing the physical button on the home is hidden behind the glass at the bottom. The rumor is that the screens of the device are 5.7 and 6.2 inches and, if the source of Bloomberg is correct, the fact of the increase in the size of the display should not negatively influence the experience of using the device because we will have a compensation of the Dimensions thereof.
Force Touch:  the site The Investor said that Samsung is considering bringing the appeal force touch the Galaxy S8. In this way, the smartphone would recognize different pressures made on the screen and respond with different actions. Such a feature can be found today on Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone-7 lines, as well as on Huawei Mate S.
Our opinion: Apparently Samsung is experimenting with different options for the new equipment in the S8 line. On the contrary, so much different information about screen size could not arise at the same time. Now if the South Korean manufacturer really extinguishes the edges, just as Xiaomi proved to be possible with the Mi MIX, then it will take a huge step towards the new. For me, this sounds like a risky thing, especially after the problem involving the Note 7 battery, but it can also be the all or nothing for Samsung.
Samsung Galaxy S8 – Special Features
Assistant Bixby: We recently announced here on the site to buy the Viv by Samsung, the company formed by some of the creators Siri, Apple’s voice assistant. Now, as might be expected, rumors about Viv’s use of artificial intelligence technology in the upcoming Galaxy S are beginning to appear. A leaked document in South Korea showed a request from the company to license the name, Bixby.
The new wizard is being tested on Project Dream, the Galaxy S8’s internal codename, and should be partially finalized by the time the device is released on the market. The S8 is expected to be announced in February but is expected to hit stores in March, which may be enough time for developers to hone the new feature.
Based on Bixby’s competitors, it’s possible that the new wizard will be able to run features like Cortana, Google Now, and Siri, for example, by joining functions that are available on S-Voice. 
USB Type-C: The Samsung decided to give up the USB Type-C in the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. However, the company has released the Galaxy Note 7 with the new standard and should opt for USB Type-C in the next generation Galaxy S line.
Samsung Galaxy S8 – Battery
The return of removable battery: Due to problems with the battery of Galaxy Note 7, Samsung could review the position on the fixed battery of your appliances. Nothing has been said yet in this sense, this is a bet on our team since such a feature could come to rid the company of a recall if the problems of their batteries will repeat themselves. 
The removable battery can also be an alternative for those who intend to use the device for more than a year, as this period will require several cycles of charges. An irremovable battery, therefore, means the anticipation of programmed obsolescence. 
It is also expected that the S8 will come equipped with turbo wireless charging technology, which has already been used in other Samsung devices.
Samsung Galaxy S8 – Technical specifications
The latest information on the Galaxy S8 is related to the storage and RAM of the device. According to the website SamMobile, Samsung will make a major update to the internal memory of the S8 compared to the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, implementing 6GB of RAM and 256GB of storage in the new model. It is not confirmed, however, if the model with this internal memory capacity will support microSD card.
The first rumors about the Galaxy S8 indicated that the device could have 8GB of RAM, rather than the current 6GB, but according to the site SamMobile, this greater capacity is highlighted internally by the brand. 
The same sources that leaked information on the screen Galaxy 4K S8 to the site SamMobile also passed some information about the device’s processor. The S8 should come packaged by the Exynos 8895 chipset manufactured in 10nm (nanometer) process. The model will still have 6GB of RAM.
According to the website  PhoneArena, the  Samsung has chosen the Exynos 8895 chipset as the S8. This version of the chipset could reach a clock rate of up to 4.0 GHz (30% faster than the Exynos 8890, which reaches up to 3.0 GHz). The chances of having this component in the future Galaxy S8 are really great.
And as or more important than the speed issue is the fact that the Exynos 8895 would be manufactured in 10nm (nanometers).This means a lower power consumption of the processor, which would consequently provide greater battery life.
It is essential to say that the 4GHz above were achieved in a process overclocking, or hardly Galaxy S8 come to market with this speed. It would be more reasonable to assume, however, that the processor of the device passes 3GHz.
Samsung Galaxy S8 – Camera
Front camera with autofocus: The site  Korea IT News brought some news about the front camera of 8MP Galaxy S8. According to the publication, the new front lens system will feature autofocus (autofocus / AF), which significantly increases the quality of self-portraits taken by the front camera. 
Rumors confirm that Samsung engineers are building a mechanism that is capable of moving the lens, extending it so that focus on the user’s face is more accurate. In addition, South Korean suppliers have recently reported that the brand’s flagship brand should rely on a dual camera system on the back.
Samsung intends to compensate for the losses related to the cancellation of Note 7 with the Galaxy S8 and adding two cameras would be one of the ways to ensure success with suppliers. A user  Chinese microblog Weibo said the Galaxy S8 camera would have a sensor of 12 MP, Samsung and other S5K2L2 1.3 MP, Sony. The front camera would supposedly have 8 MP.

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