Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 Review

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Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 Review

Every year the mobile world looks forward to the news of giants like Samsung, Apple, LG or Huawei, among others. Its flagships mark the way and are the smartphones that more covers monopolize. Not for less, they represent the maximum bet of each one of those marks and in them is embodied all its technology.

In the case of Samsung, everyone is waiting for the Galaxy S8 but earlier this year, during CES 2017 held in Las Vegas, South Koreans announced three new Galaxy – A3, A5, and A7 – Three new editions under the Same name but with the surname 2017. Three “mid-range” that have much to say, starting by removing that same mid-range label. Here is the analysis of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017, the intermediate model in size.

Technical specifications of Galaxy A5 2017

As always and to put into perspective what mobile we are analyzing, here are the technical features of Samsung Galaxy A5 2017:

  • 5.2-inch SuperAMOLED FullHD screen (1920 × 1080 pixels)
  • Samsung Exynos 7880 Octacore processor at 1.9GHz
  • 3GB of RAM LPDDR4
  • 32GB internal storage + microSD slot (up to an additional 256GB)
  • Front and rear camera with 16M P f / 1.9 sensor
  • 3,000 mAh battery with Samsung fast charge technology
  • Android 6.0 custom with Touchwiz (will have Android 7 Nougat)
  • Dimensions: 146.1 x 71.4 x 7.9 mm
  • 157 grams of weight
  • Connectivity
    • WiFi 802.11 a / b / g / n / as
    • NFC
    • Bluetooth 4.2
    • FM Radio
    • ANT +
    • USB Type C (2.0)
If the Galaxy A5 2016 was already a balanced terminal, the A5 2017 is even more. Overall mounts a highly competitive hardware for the market to which it faces so that with the experience offered on a daily basis, it is placed in the phantom zone that separates what we call mid – range high, closer The second that of the first.

A very nice and well-known design

At first glance, anyone could confuse this Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 with its older brothers S6 and S7. Both lines as the materials used in this model give it a look and feel of a mobile hand much level .

Both the front and rear are covered by the glass at its edges gradually curved to form a perfect union with aluminum frames that surround the Galaxy A5 2017. This curvature, which is more pronounced in the rear, give it a Very good comfort in the hand. In fact, despite being crystal does not slip as much as you might think, the grip is very good.

Our unit is grayish blue and the footprints are not so much noticeable, but the A5 2017 is also available in gold, pink and a black that, personally, I find it precious.

In the lower part, we find the port of loading and data transfer that this year is USB Type C – great news for standardizing go – and 3.5 mm jack port. Both the power button and the volume buttons have the good feel and their position is correct on both sides of the screen.
Finally, we find the trays for the microSD and the microSD memory card separated, the first under the volume buttons and the second in the upper frame.

On the front are the classic core physical button Samsung, which also serves as a fingerprint reader – very fast and where it is not necessary to press, only to pose your finger – and both sides of the two capacitive buttons back and multitasking. On the screen the light sensor, the handset and the front camera of 16MP with aperture f / 1.9 of which I will speak in the corresponding section.

The rear is quite simple, all glass except the camera – 16MP f / 1.9 and flash LED. A moment where the speaker is? Samsung has opted for the Galaxy A5 2017 by a somewhat unusual for the speaker arrangement is neither in the back or the bottom frame, but the grid is placed in the right frame, just above the power button and the truth Which makes good sense in some situations.

As a general rule, the rear speakers are ‘plugged’ by holding the smartphone on a surface, and those in the lower frame can often be clogged by the palm of the hand when playing or watching videos horizontally. So, in the absence of having front speakers, the side position is quite accurate. Yes, the sound is not great, it is right and true, but you can not ask for more.
Overall the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 is very comfortable in the day, its size is content with 5.2 inch screen, although it is true that it is not the thinnest of the last time, but these curved frames are appreciated and The sensations that come out are of quality, of a robust mobile but at the same time refined.

SuperAMOLED screen pre-wired by software

Little can be said at this point of the visibility of Samsung SuperAMOLED screens. In these new Galaxy A is found in the A3 4.7 inches, 5.7 inches in the A7 and the average size of 5.2 inches in this Samsung Galaxy A5 2017. We are facing a panel with resolution 1080p in this diagonal Gives us a screen density of 424 pixels per inch and looks great.

Very vivid colors, infinite blacks characteristic of this screen technology and very good brightness levels, both at maximum level and minimum. In automatic mode and I was surprised exterior luminosity and visibility, while the minimum brightness is really low, something that is appreciated when using the phone in the bed and/or in dark environments. For those moments it also includes, of course, a blue filter mode, which makes the screen temperature warmer (it can be activated manually or programmed to activate every day at X hour).
The negative point of this screen? That these vibrant colors are not a faithful reproduction of reality, luckily we have the option of switching between different screen modes, the “basic” being the one that shows a flatter color profile and not with so saturated tones.

Mention should function Always On display we’ve seen on other Samsung phones and is also in the Galaxy A5 2017 to help squeeze the SuperAMOLED panel. In essence, the phone’s screen never turns off completely, this function only maintains a few pixels on showing the time, date and notifications that arrive, while the rest of the screen remains completely off.
We can customize the data that will appear, such as adding a complete calendar or various designs. It is important to mention that if you are not used to it, seeing part of the screen on continuously leads one to think that the battery is going to be eaten, but it is not. The system is very well optimized and the impact of Always On Display on consumption is negligible. In addition, the information moves around the screen to avoid burns on the panel.

In the end, you get used to it and it helps to check the time or notifications at a glance without having to turn on the screen. This also makes up for the lack of notification LED.
Mention aside, it is worth incorporating the resistance to water in all the new members of the Galaxy A 2017 family. They include IP68 certification so we know that we can rest assured if we drop liquid or use it in the rain, but always thinking about what it means.

Performance and software

The heart of the Galaxy A5 is a processor 2017 Exynos 7880, one of the chips made by Samsung itself and that in this version, 14nm, moves to 1.9GHz. In addition, he is accompanied 3GB of RAM memory LPDD4. On paper, the new SoC of the A5 stands out for its balance between performance and efficiency.

Personally I’m not a fan of benchmarks and, as we say, in the end, those results are just numbers of gross power of devices that, in theory, should translate into better or worse actual performance, but would not be the first time a Mobile top in that type of tests, then does not offer an experience according to what those numbers said.

In any case, the performance of Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 is simply excellent in all kinds of tasks. These last few weeks has become my main smartphone and has surrendered to the height at all times. The use has been that any user can give a phone capable of everything today: many web browsing, social networks, image editing, multiple communication channels, casual games and also demanding, working with documents …

Generally, the Galaxy A5 has always responded, without blockades or lag, transitions are fluid, access to multitasking (which incidentally has multi -window mode to use two applications at the same time) and animations are always fluid and, in general, experience with him has been very satisfactory.
For those of you who are wondering how it behaves in such games or applications demand more graphics capability, fulfills perfectly, either casual or demanding title such as Asphalt games. No problem in that regard.

As you can imagine, Samsung has also applied these models in its layer of customization TouchWiz, but beyond the aesthetic section is not heavy and affects performance. As always, that means that by default we find some extra features and applications that come from the factory.

TouchWiz and its extras

For example, we have the whole suite of Microsoft office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Skype, OneDrive …), Flipboard as the news desk in the first desk, Samsung Apps own store, S Voice for control by voice, S Health to monitor daily, activity in the cloud storage cloud Samsung free space and some more, also including Samsung Themes store to customize the entire interface of the phone at a touch, from icons to the wallpaper.

Samsung’s hand in the system does not stay there, we have already talked about Always on Display or the screen modes, but by diving through the settings we find functions like Smart Stay so that the screen stays on while we watch it, options to adjust the interface to use a hand, different gestures for actions such as capture the screen or mute calls and interesting Game Tools that are sure most gamers will appreciate.

With this function activated, every time we start playing, we can block the buttons of the mobile so that, in the case of pressing them, nothing happens, also capture the game or block any type of notification while we are playing.

A level of security and privacy highlight the ” safe folder “, a space that can only be accessed by passing the safety test (pin, pattern, footprint …) and we can go getting all private content you do not want anyone to See, be it concrete photographs or applications.

Security and fingerprint reader on the Galaxy A5 2017

Speaking of fingerprints: the front reader on the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 works as you would expect from a sensor of this type in 2017. It is fast, accurate and does not need to press physically button to activate it, but with only pose finger about it, it will be unlocked. As always, we can use it to unlock the phone quickly, but also as a method of authentication to mobile payments, either with the application of your bank thanks to the integrated self – service with Samsung Pay NFC.

Having said that and as you can imagine for everything written, the A5 2017 offers a great experience to use on a day to day basis, it just works and does it well. Of course, here also it takes a big negative: works under Android 6.0.1.

It’s a shame that coming to market in February 2017 does not come directly with Android 7 Nougat. Obviously, that has updated more than confirmed by the company and partly can understand wanting to give preference to update S7 and company, but that said, it’s a shame you have to wait until you get nougat.

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 camera: lights and shadows

We turn to a key section on any smartphone today, the camera. Given the level reached by mobile cameras, it is normal that many users have decided to leave their traditional compact camera. The smartphone offers quality and immediacy, anywhere. Samsung knows that a good camera in the entry range models and middle price zone is key.

After all, millions of these Galaxy A worldwide will be sold (more than 50 million of the previous generations), so a good camera is appreciated. This model is the camera back mounts a 16MP sensor with f / 1.9 that aims to be similar to the Galaxy S6, but not the same; Does not include integrated image stabilizer or advanced focus.

With good light conditions, the camera offers very good results, the level of detail is high, the processing is correct and not at all aggressive and the noise level is minimal. That yes, it fails when we are before scenes with great changes of illumination between zones, for example, drawing the detail of the skies.

In automatic mode, these zones are practically burnt in many occasions, but it is solved activating the HDR mode. That’s another drawback, no automatic HDR mode, so we have to do it manually each time. In low light does not have a poor performance, although the result varies from one situation to another.

While in many night scenes the sensor takes advantage of the aperture f / 1.9 to capture a large amount of light, maintaining a very correct processing with the noise at bay, at other times the processing is more aggressive and a little detail and definition are lost. This always speaking of the automatic mode, of course, touching the settings in manual can achieve very good results even in low light.

Front camera without autofocus

On paper the front camera looks good, rides another sensor 16MP with same aperture f / 1.9, but to start using it I noticed a detail, in many situations not focused … until I understood that, indeed, the camera front of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 has no autofocus and is a real shame.

When making a selfie you have to pay attention to the distance to which the mobile is. In close – ups closed and the quality is very good, with great detail, but things change a lot when you move away a little more arm lost all that definition and almost always end up with a slightly unfocused picture.

A video level we also find the maximum limit resolution to 1080p, as a general rule it is recording 4K find this price. The quality in FullHD is correct, with good level detail and natural colors, although it does not have an optical stabilization sensor.

Experience with the camera application is fast , has quick access to cameras with a gesture, filters live with the possibility to download more and classic modes for panning, night mode, fast motion, dedicated mode to take pictures of food that adjust colors, HDR mode and a Pro mode that we wish it were more complete because it only includes ISO setting, white balance, and exposure level measurement approach. No focus adjustment, no exposure time, no RAW shooting.

Battery: a great positive for the Galaxy A5 2017

Delighted, the best battery Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 that directly will not have to worry about her. With 3000 mAh capacity provides more than enough autonomy to endure a full day and part of the next with a fairly frequent use, or a couple of days perfectly without going through the charger if our use is more varied.

Unless it is fully hooked to the mobile, it is hard enough to finish a battery charge in a single day. Here the Exynos processor has a great role and the process management that does a very good job keeping the consumptions at bay and warning the user in case some application is going from a list. Honestly, the very good battery of this new A5.

It also includes technology of fast charging and a pair of power modes. In half mode it limits the processor speed, it can adjust the use of networks and limit the maximum brightness, whereas in the extreme mode it is limited to a few basic applications and the interface turns to black to squeeze the benefits of the AMOLED.

Conclusion and opinion of Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

These types of smartphones are what make a brand grow in the market. Good design, good construction materials, and the construction itself, balanced features, very good autonomy, performance without peers, wide connectivity options (even FM radio!) And a camera to the height, except for the inconvenience of the front autofocus.

The Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 seems like a very good phone, although it does not come with the latest version of Android and have to wait for the update, that will. The negative part? Definitely it’s starting price.
The official price of A5 2017 is 429 €, too inflated figure, especially if we consider that the flagship of Samsung, the Galaxy S7, and is easy for less than 500 € and alternatives like OnePlus 3T 439 €.

The good news is we all know that the price of this Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 will drop quickly and soon we will see for 300 € or less, then it will be an option to be taken into account seen their results and, above all, in the face Acquire it with operators.

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