Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) price, specifications, features

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Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) price, specifications, features

Samsung has started the new year without waiting for new hardware and presented the new Galaxy A5 (2017) at CES. This is the latest version of the mid-range series, which this year takes many features of the Galaxy S7. In this hands-on, we would like to present you our first impression of the new smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017): price and availability

The Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) was officially introduced in January and will be available from February 3 onwards. The price is in Germany at 429 euros, just like its predecessor last year, and the smartphone is available in 4 different colors: blue, black, gold and pink. In the Samsung’s own color world, the four colors have received much more elaborate names: Blue Mist, Black Sky, Gold Sand and Peach Cloud. 

The pink, sorry the Galaxy A5 (2017) in Peach Cloud, is currently exclusively available only on the Samsung Online Shop. The devices can be pre-ordered here and also at many other online shops. Samsung is even giving you a Neon Flip Cover, if you pre-order the new smartphone until the 02.02.2017 in the online shop of Samsung.
Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017): design and processing
The design of the Galaxy A5 is undoubtedly sublime and sets new standards in the middle class. This class of smartphones has developed strongly over the last years and the distance to the high-end smartphones has become significantly smaller. The Galaxy A5 continues this trend clearly and is very much oriented on the Galaxy S7
The Galaxy A5 is made exclusively of metal and glass, similar to the S7, the edges are slightly rounded. Also, the glass on the front is slightly bent to the edges, so it is very good in the hand. The edges above and below the display are slightly wider than on the Galaxy S7, but only very slightly. On top of the front, we find the well-known Samsung features: the logo, the front camera, a loudspeaker and, of course, the different sensors. Even under the screen has practically changed to the S7. The Home button with the integrated fingerprint sensor and the capacitive control elements can be found here.
The design of the Galaxy A5 (2017) is beyond doubt
Like the Galaxy S7 also the frame of the A5 (2017) is made of metal, with our test device this is held in very beautiful black. If you decide for one of the three other color versions, Samsung will color the frame to match the main color. 
On the back is the main camera centered, the LED flash is located next to it. Samsung has managed not to let the camera go, so the smartphone is perfectly flat on smooth surfaces. Overall, the smartphone works superbly, nothing has too much game or craze. It feels like being from a mold.
Unusual is the placement of the loudspeaker: This is now no longer as usual on the housing bottom next to the USB port but has migrated to the right flank, below the power button.
The speaker is located on the right edge
An unusual, but the certainly smarter place for a loudspeaker. This is not so easy to hide when the smartphone is held in the hands of the landscape mode. Gamer and multimedia fans will certainly be the most pleased.  Thus, there is no longer a loudspeaker at the lower edge. Only the USB type C connector and the headphone connector can be found here. On the left flank, as usual, the volume rocker and the SIM card slot are accommodated. The memory of the A5 (2017) can be extended by a MicroSD card. This can be added at the top edge of a carriage. Here are Galaxy A5 (2017) and A3 (2017): the latter has only one slide for SIM card and MicroSD card.
The metal frame is interrupted by two gray bands above and below, which are intended for the antennas. Although it is a technical must, but visually the Galaxy A5 (2017) also here again the Galaxy S7. The Galaxy A5 (2017) is somewhat rounder compared to the predecessor and with 146.1 x 71.4 x 7.9 mm even slightly larger than a Galaxy S7, it is also slightly heavier with 159 grams. Overall you can feel this but not necessarily. Due to the pleasant curves on the front and back, the smartphone is very well in the hand.
Due to the rounding, you can not feel that the Galaxy A5 (2017) is bigger than a Galaxy S7
In the hand, you never feel that the Galaxy A5 slips out of your hands. The glass is naturally a bit slippery, but the size always keeps it safe in the hand. As with many other devices, the glass also provides some fingerprints here. The black variant, which is ready for the test, looks simply great and elegant, but also somewhat reserved. Sure, design is always a matter of taste, but for my part, I was impressed by the new design after the first opening.
Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017): display
The Galaxy A5 (2017) is equipped with a 5.2 inch Super AMOLED screen, which dissolves in full-HD (1920 x 1080 pixels). This results in a pixel density of 412 ppi. For protection, Samsung uses Gorilla glass 4. Display technology, size, and resolution of the display are thus identical to that of the predecessor. The fact that AMOLED displays are one of the best displays on the market is now well-known. And also the Galaxy A5 (2017) leaves a very good first impression.
The Galaxy A5 (2017) has an always-on display, a feature that you rarely find in the middle class
A new feature, which has also been adopted by the Galaxy S7, is the always-on display. With this feature, you always have the time, date and battery status in view. This technique is still rarely found in the middle class. 
Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017): Features
IP68 certification
Samsung has chosen to buy the Galaxy A series a popular feature, which is also seldom found in the middle class. The Galaxy A5 and A3 (2017) are IP68 certified and protected against the ingress of dust and water. Samsung states that the Galaxy A5 is a dive bath in up to 1.5 meters to 30 minutes survives.
Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017): Software
Here we find probably the biggest disappointment: The Galaxy A5 (2017) is still delivered with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and not, as was actually expected, with Android 7.0 nougat. The current Android version is already over half a year old, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have been supplied with nougat for a week. We expect a fairly timely update for the Galaxy A5.
The TouchWiz version installed here is well known to all of us. In recent years, Samsung has done a lot to clear and clean up the surface. As the software on the Galaxy A5 beats, however, we still have a more detailed test.
Even the pre-installed apps do not hold any surprises. Here, of course, we’ll find Google Apps, many Samsung’s own apps, and a few Microsoft apps. Of the 32 GB, the main memory remains after the first switching on 23.1 GByte. The working memory amounts to 1.1 GBytes available.
Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017): Performance
In the Galaxy A5 (2017) an eight-core Exynos 7880 is used with a maximum clock rate of 1.9 GHz, which has 3 GB of memory available. As a GPU a Mali T830-MP3 is used. The internal memory amounts to 32 GB, which can, however, be extended with a MicroSD card by up to 256 GB. The smartphone is therefore well equipped for everyday use.
In the very short test phase, I could not find any software problems. The smartphone runs very fluently and hitherto showed no hanger. This, of course, we have to test even more thoroughly, in order to be able to evaluate the performance of the Galaxy A5 (2017) more precisely.
Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017): Audio
As stated above, Samsung has decided to place the speaker on the right flank, rather than the lower edge. This ensures that you do not cover it as quickly when you hold the smartphone in your hand. Whether this is a good move or rather annoying, we must of course still more accurate test and in everyday life find.
The Galaxy A5 (2017) is a headset, which we will take a closer look. An FM radio and an equalizer are also pre-installed, with which you can adjust the sound even more to your own taste.
Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017): Camera
Both cameras, both the main camera on the back and the front camera, sign photos with a maximum of 16 megapixels. Especially with the front camera is a big upgrade, shot the self-same camera of the predecessor still photos with 5 megapixels. However, an optical image stabilizer is only available with the main camera.
In the Camera app, the user has a choice of different modes available. Below is a model for food photography, pro, HDR, panorama and night mode. The front camera has also been given a panoramic mode to allow particularly wide self-esteem.
With both cameras, you can record videos in 1080p.
Also the camera we have to go to a more accurate assessment, of course, still a comprehensive test.
Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017): Battery
We can not currently evaluate the battery life. However, it should be noted that a 3000 mAh battery is installed and thus 100 mAh more are available than with the predecessor. The Galaxy A5 (2017) also supports a fast-charging technology. We will keep an eye on the battery life over the next few days and see what the Galaxy A5 (2017) can deliver.

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017): Specifications

    • TYPE:
    • Smartphone
    • MODEL:
    • No information
    • Samsung
    • 146.1 x 71.4 x 7.9 mm
    • MASS:
    • 159 g
    • 3000 mAh
    • 5.2 inches
    • AMOLED
    • SCREEN:
    • 1920 x 1080 pixels (424 ppi)
    • 16 megapixels
    • 16 megapixels
    • LED
    • 6.0 – Marshmallow
    • TouchWiz
    • R.A.M:
    • 3 GB
    • 32 GB
    • MicroSD
    • CHIPSET:
    • No information
    • 8th
    • 1.9 GHz
    • HSPA, LTE, NFC, Bluetooth 4.2
Provisional judgment
Samsung shows with the Galaxy A5 (2017) very clearly, how important is the middle class for the manufacturer. The new design can quickly be confused with the upper class, a selection of different colors and features that have not yet been seen in the middle class and the USB type C connector show that Samsung is serious.
The fact that the loudspeaker has changed its position dramatically, may be a small detail, but this could have a great effect in everyday life and that Samsung also paid attention to the small details. However, the EIA of EUR 429 could deter any potential buyer. In this price region, the Galaxy A5 (2017) faces tough competition, such as the OnePlus 3T, which is only slightly more cost.
The first impressions are however very positive. The Galaxy A5 (2017) is a very nice mid-class smartphone, which is excellently processed and has the stuff to the sales sling. As it really does in the end, the complete test has to show.

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