Moto G5 Plus price, specification, release date Image

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Moto G5 Plus price, specification, release date

Moto G5 Plus – Launch date and price

Launch invitation for MWC 2017: Lenovo sent to the specialized press an invitation to an event that will take place on 26 February during the MWC 2017 in Barcelona. For those who do not know, this technology fair will happen between the 27th and the 2nd of March. This is not the first time we have any clues about launching a new Moto for the MWC.
No rumor has circulated on the internet about another Motorola device that will be released soon other than the Moto G5. The invitation does not confirm this, but he suggests we will see a new Moto device during the event. So, we can wait for the fifth-generation Moto G, or another intermediary (maybe Lenovo Vibe). The company is not in the habit of launching line tops during the first half of the year.
Moto G5 Plus price, specification, release date Image
Moto G5 Plus price, specification, release date Image

The format of the device in the invitation reminiscent of the look of the Moto G5 Plus that has leaked in recent days (images below). It is also expected that the brand will announce new Moto Snaps for Moto Z and Z Play. It is a shame that we do not have the biometric sensor design in the first footer to further enhance that the design in the image is the new G5 Plus:

Launching in March, according to leak on OLX site: The notice of sale of a model called Moto G5 Plus has been removed from OXL Romania. However, some information could be saved. One is to the release date which, according to the announcement, indicated that the device would be available in March. If this information is correct, the new Moto G5 and its variant can be announced during the MWC 2017 in Barcelona, which takes place in February (see topic above).
The advertiser put the model on sale for 366 Euros, equivalent to R $ 1,238.00 without taxes or fees. It is worth mentioning here that, according to the announcement, the model in question is the Moto G5 Plus, which is usually the busiest of the whole series. Of course, these prices are neither official nor confirmed by Lenovo. The model in question is the XT1685.
Leaked document in FCC: The smartphone that appears in the FCC has four different versions: XT1670, XT1671, XT1675 and XT1676. What should be related to the whole series of devices: Moto G5, Moto G5 Plus, Moto G5 Play and probably a DTV or Dual SIM variant or with a larger RAM capacity. The factory system is Android 7.0 Nougat.

Moto G5 Plus – Design and finishing

Photos cover showing Moto G5 Plus: The account of  Roland Quandt on Twitter, which often leaks information about early releases, released a new photo of Moto G5 Plus. The image is a 3D render supposedly published by a skin manufacturer, and we can see the visual aspects present in other leaks on the model again:
New photos of Moto G5 Plus: Now it was the turn of the Chinese social network  Weibo leak a new image of Moto G5 Plus. The photo, which appears to be a release material, shows details that were not as apparent in previous leaks as the more rounded biometric sensor and the Moto brand logo below the front top speaker.
Just reinforcing, this model was leaked last year as the Moto X 2017, but apparently, this device is the fifth generation MotoG.
Hands-on Moto G5 Plus: The same user who announced the alleged Moto G5 Plus has some photos of the instrument as part of the ad. Of course, we are dealing with a prototype, so we are not sure if this is really the G5 Plus, or if its look has been reworked in later stages of development.
According to the images, the Moto G5 Plus would have finished in aluminum with more anatomical lines and biometric reader in the bottom front. The shape and position of the sensor are the same as we have in the current Moto G4 Plus.
The front of the G5 Plus would be covered in glass, with the grille of the upper sound output contoured by an aluminum rim. So we can assume that if this is the Moto G5 Plus, we will have a mono sound system, not a stereo.
 There are not many surprises in the design of this so-called Moto G5 Plus. Apparently, we have standard USB port, headphone jack and power button with the texture different from the others. What is noticeable is the camera module, which is enclosed in a circular frame that protrudes from the rear of the unit. 

Moto G5 Plus – Technical Specifications

Moto G5 Play Technical Specifications: The site Tecnoblog had access to the alleged specifications of Moto G5 Play model through internal sales system of a major national retailer. Apparently, an employee of this store granted a photo of the system where it is possible to see the Moto G5 registration. However, by the specifications, it is capable that the device registered, the XT1672 is the Moto G5 Play.

As the information in the image is somewhat ineligible, I decided to put it in the table below:
PROCESSOR Snapdragon 430 (octa-core)
DRUMS 2.800mAh
Compared to the Moto G4 Play the differences of the supposed Moto G5 Play are due to the larger storage and updated processor. The price of the product was not disclosed.

Technical specifications Moto G5 Plus: 

 Various rumors about the technical specifications of Moto G5 Plus circulated in recent months. Some are similar, others are losing strength as new leaks are released. The modular concept is something that is becoming remote, especially after the leak in the OLX of Romania, where the supposed images of the model do not reveal a design created to be compatible with this type of accessory.
The FCC indicates 5-inch screen while the listing for sale lists 5.5 inches as being the screen of the Moto G5 Plus. The Moto G5 Plus of the images is also apparently the Moto X 2017 that had been leaked a few months ago. Regarding the specifications, adding the OLX and the FCC, we have the following numbers:
SCREEN 5.5 “or 5” Full HD
PROCESSOR Snapdragon 625
primary CAMERA 13MP
DRUMS 3080mAh
EXTRAS Biometric sensor

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