Ivanka Trump will have an office in the White House

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Ivanka Trump will have an office in the White House

The daughter of US President Ivanka Trump will have an office in the West Wing of the White House, according to the government, which is a visible recognition of the role she has been playing as the first lady in péctore and main support of the president From which he took possession two months ago. Ivanka Trump, 35, joins her husband, entrepreneur Jared Kushner, who has raised suspicions when he was appointed the senior adviser to President Donald Trump.

Ivanka Trump will have an office in the White House
Ivanka Trump will have an office in the White House

The confidence of President Donald Trump in his daughter as an advisor is absolute and evident from day one of his presidency. Ivanka Trump was more prominent in the election campaign than her stepmother, Melania Trump. Last December, the first meeting her father had as president-elect with a foreign leader, with the Japanese Abe Shinzo at his New York residence, she was in the room. Trump’s environment was immune to the insinuations about nepotism.

The last such episode occurred this week when Ivanka Trump sat next to German Chancellor Angela Merkel during a bilateral meeting in Washington. What is the official role of the president’s daughter on these occasions is something that has never been fully elucidated?

With the seat in the White House, the President’s daughter, who is his shadow at any public event, confirms that it is a pillar of the Trump Administration and that the president’s innermost confidence circle is reduced to his sons, son-in-law and The chief strategist of the Government, Steve Bannon.

A lawyer working for First Daughter Jamie Gorelick has confirmed to several media outlets in Washington that Ivanka will have an office in the West Wing, but will not be formally hired by the Government and her job will not have an official title. Gorelick said that Ivanka will apply the same ethical rules as the employees of the Administration. You will have access to classified information and an official phone number. According to the lawyer told Politico, the role of Trump will serve as “the eyes and ears” of the president.

There is no recent precedent for an Administration where a member of the president’s family has as much influence in the White House as the Kushner-Trump marriage. There are federal anti-nepotism laws that prevent family members from being appointed to government posts. However, State Department of Justice lawyers has given legal coverage to Kushner’s appointment by saying that the president has a special authority in the appointment of his team. The lawyer for the president’s daughter said the White House legal department agrees with Ivanka Trump’s new status.

The appointment threatens to raise new suspicions about the potential conflicts of interests of the Trump family in power. The president claims to have left all his business in the hands of his children and have no communication regarding the decisions they make. In a tweet, he attacked the Nordstrom stores for failing to sell Ivanka Trump’s clothing and accessories brand. Nordstrom terminated the agreement because the brand did not meet commercial expectations. White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway later went on television publicly urging viewers to buy Ivanka Trump products. Such promotion is expressly prohibited by law.

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