HTC 11: Full Features

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HTC 11: Full Features

The Mobile World Congress will take place in less than a month. By now we know many of the devices that will be presented. And it is that the leaks have given respite to almost no manufacturer. So that it is expected that Sony present five smartphones in that period, two of them high – end. Samsung and LG have also seen how their handsets were revealed. Since we have known until final images of the Galaxy S8 and LG G6.
HTC is the only “traditional” brand whose flagship had not been leaked. That yes, some other gadget that has prepared for the MWC yes that has been shown. As the HTC Halfbeak, which will be the first smartwatch brand. The brand based in Taipei is still through a bad economic time. Since the promising HTC 10 did not get the expected sales.
HTC 11: Full Features
HTC 11: Full Features

That is why the Taiwanese are confident that their flagship this year, come to change things. So they are putting all the meat on the grill with the HTC 11. A terminal will not have things easy . Since this will be one of the years with more competitiveness by the brands. Because all hope to overcome occasional pothole ( Samsung, LG, Sony) or enter the strong market Nokia ).
HTC, aware of this situation, should do everything possible to get its marketplace. So you will not be able to commit any of the mistakes that did come with your previous flagships. Like not using the best processor, launching a design with too generous frames, giving up high-end standards or keeping prices exorbitant compared to the competition.

HTC 11: Hardware will be its main asset

Let’s hope that HTC has learned the lesson and launches a terminal in the market image of what the market asks. As for the hardware section, it seems that it will not skimp. Since a screen shot filtered, shows that its components will be as capable. In fact, the brand has made the HTC 11 mount the Snapdragon 835. A processor in high demand this year by the marks and propitiate the delay of many terminals.
The other hardware components will not be short. Since the RAM reach 6 GB and 128 GB internal will default. As it could not be otherwise, its screen will be Quad HD (2K). And everything points to have rather more generous dimensions than its predecessor. The latest version of Android (Nougat 7.12) along with the Sense 9.0 layer will organize the software.
On paper and without further details, the HTC 11 has all the ballots to succeed. Hopefully, your money does not end up being its main handicap. Something that has become very recurrent in the terminals of the Taiwanese manufacturer. And we also hope that the brand will be able to adapt to the new designs “without frames” that seem to debut this year.
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