How To Solve The Problem “The Application (…) Has Stopped”

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How To Solve The Problem “The Application (…) Has Stopped”

“Unfortunately, the application (…) has stopped”, how many times will have appeared this notice in our screens finishing one stroke with the fun. Today we show you how to solve this annoying problem.

If you’ve ever seen the message you see below on your Android screen, put these solutions into practice, we go from the simplest to the most radical. In this case, as you see, the message has appeared to me with the Eurovision application, but it can appear to anyone.

How To Solve The Problem "The APplication (...) Has Stopped"
How To Solve The Problem “The Application (…) Has Stopped”

Delete application data
This problem usually appears with contacts, gallery, and launchers, among other applications. For example, one of the most common is “The gallery application has stopped” and the truth is that it is a very annoying message. The procedure to solve it would be as follows:
Access the settings menu of your smartphone, from there go to Applications and seeks the application has stopped. Once selected and click  Clear data or Clear cache (in Marshmallow you will find these options in Storage). There is also a shortcut if you tap on an application in the application drawer above you have the option to drop it on Application Information.
Please note that deleting the data will remove any changes you have made to the application settings and you will need to re-enter your username and password the next time you log in. But the content that the application shows remains, such as the photos in the gallery, for example. On the other hand, the information you will delete when deleting the cache is simply the data that allows the application to load faster when you start it. Removing it will simply slow down the start the next time you use it.
Uninstall the application
If the application is not one of the factory installed ones, such as ‘Contacts’, for example, you can try removing it and reinstalling it from Google Play. Just open the Google Play application and click on the menu button on your smartphone (depending on the device the menu can be in the application itself), and enter “My applications.” Locate the application in question and click on the “Uninstall” button, later you can install it again.

Reboot device
Another solution is to make what is known as soft reset or device reset. It is very simple and effective when the phone has been on for a long time. A Soft Reset renew the cycle the phone to reset. This process will not eliminate anything. It is not a bad idea to turn off the phone every few days for a few minutes, this will help slower terminals to solve problems with applications, connections, audio or emails, for example.
In case Google Play is not working, the solution is a bit more complex: the first thing is to delete the cache, and if this does not solve the problem, then delete the data or uninstall the updates from Google Play. The same thing happens with Google Play Services, but before opting for this solution try to make it application per application (with those that fail) not to lose your preferences in Google Play. 

Last resource: factory reset

If none of the above solutions work, you can turn to a factory reset or reset to factory conditions. I insist that this option is only recommended when none of the above has worked. When restoring to factory conditions, make sure you have previously backed up all of your information, as this process will erase all the information stored on your smartphone. You can then reinstall all your applications. 
Have you solved your problem with any of these solutions? Did you find any other workarounds?
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