How to Install Android Nougat 7.1 in Samsung Galaxy S5

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How to Install Android Nougat 7.1 in Samsung Galaxy S5

Why install Nougat on the Galaxy S5? 

The device was launched on the market lasted the spring of 2014 and in the two and a half years has seen the birth of two other siblings. This means that Samsung will not guarantee more support (updates, security patches and more) S5 and that your phone is likely to be attacked more easily. To close ranks against malware you will need to take care of your S5 software. It is simple and does not involve any risk. Go ahead to find out how.
How to Install Android Nougat 7.1 in Samsung Galaxy S5
How to Install Android Nougat 7.1 in Samsung Galaxy S5

Nougat on the Galaxy S5. preparatory phase

Putting the data secure

First, you need to make a backup. Your contacts will still be safe with Google account synchronization. The WhatsApp data can be moved to Google Drive. You would do well to ensure the safety of your photos to the cloud or on your PC. Unfortunately, you will lose the configuration of the app because few are those who use the backup feature of Google. 
  • Backup data on Android: What is it and how to do it
WhatsApp, contacts, and photos are then out of danger (and if you have them it is almost everything that a typical user uses most often). We advise you to make a backup, because you may want to use the standard firmware in the future.

Connect PC and Galaxy S5

Unfortunately, you will necessarily need a Windows computer. To write this article I used VirtualBox with Windows 10 installed. If RI Corre rate even so to this method you will need the Samsung drivers for a Windows PC  and Odin.
Start the phone in Odin mode. Turn it off. When you turn it back on press the Home key, the ignition of the low volume. Accept warning that appears when you press the volume up. Check if your computer is communicating with the Galaxy S5. You will realize it if, in the Odin login, you will see a Added !!.  Queso means that the device has been added (and will, therefore, be visible) to the list. 
To overcome any obstacle you probably want to ADB Driver Installer from which you have to follow the instructions. Read more about the subject I recommend this reading:

Step 1: Recovery 

Then you have to swap the current recovery with the custom of TeamWin recovery. The latter will allow you to interact with the partitions of your phone. This phase is very important because it allows you to change the Android system and to install the system apps like Google. 
Download the latest file .tar of TeamWin Recovery Project (TWRP Recovery) on this link for the European version of the Galaxy S5 (identified with the SM-G900F model). Later, of Odin, click on AP and select just the files tar from the download directory. Press Start to start the new recovery. 
Once you completed you will have to start the recovery process in such a way that the TWRP not immediately replacements of the standard Galaxy S5 recovery. Long press the Home button and the volume until it gets to half the balance. Confirmed the first warning message, and scroll right on the bar. Go to the area Mount and make sure that your computer can see the files on the Galaxy S5.

Step 2: Download and install the firmware

After installation of the recovery, we can finally arrive at the most important part, namely the installation of Nougat on your Galaxy S5. The right firmware to be used is available on the download page of CyanogenMod. In the column,  CyanogenMod builds you will find the zip file called snapshots of CM13 or nightly builds of CM 14.1. The first is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, so it is not updated, but more stable. The second is based on Android 7.1 Nougat, you are updated almost daily but is not yet fully complete. 
For the Play Store and Google’s services, you’ll need another zip file which contains the Google app. You will find it easily on Download the ARM version that corresponds to your version of Android. We recommend the micro package for Gmail and calendar with a better look.
  • Copy the zip file to your Galaxy S5.
  • In TWRP Recovery go to  Wipe and click Advanced Wipe.
  • Selected partitions Data and System to remove the current version of Android on your Samsung Galaxy S5.
  • Confirm with a swipe to the right on the bar that you’ll see at the bottom.
  • Visit the home screen of the TWRP Recovery and press Install.
  • Select Select ZIP. Select the folder where you copied or downloaded the file. select
  • By choosing to Add more Zips should you proceed in the same way to install the Google apps?
  • Set, if you want,  Reboot after installation is completed.
  • Scroll the button to flash.
The contents of the zip file were put in partitions that you previously emptied.

Step 3: Reset the device

Since you lost apps and configuration, you have to reset all the initial settings of your device. This means that you will have to redo log back into Google and re-install all apps. But now comes the fun: enjoy the new update, and rest assured that the next will come automatically without the need for this installation for some a little ‘complicated. 

Advantages and features do CM 14.1 in Galaxy S5

We tried to do a quick test to see how the Galaxy S5 with CyanogenMod 14.1 and we encountered no problems. Even the NFC and the reader of fingerprints digitally work smoothly. The camera can no longer rely on the HDR support, but the results are satisfactory. Look for yourself. 
I was amazed by the fact that CM 14.1 is able to bring the most important feature on the Galaxy S5. In contrast to the criticisms that are leveled against, I believe that instead of the app camera works well. Indeed, in my opinion, with the camera CM has improved in features and exposure control. 
In general, the S5 is improved by far thanks to the new firmware. For about 10 Euros you could also buy a new battery of the Galaxy S5 so that you can get your hands on a smartphone to be exploited for another year. 
How are you getting with modding? 
What do you do when the manufacturers stop supporting the phone you have in your pocket? Install the update yourself or buy another device in the drawer by putting the old one? Are you happy with your firmware, even if it is not upgraded to the latest version? Please let us know in the comments. 
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