How to Install Android Apps to the SD Card

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How to Install Android Apps to the SD Card

Anyone who already uses the Android operating system knows that each version brings new and different features.However, since Google developers have always tried to make the system as fluid and simple as possible, some features, such as support for memory expansion, have been late for Android.
So each manufacturer, before the arrival of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, has given its way to offer more storage on their smartphones. In this article, you’ll learn how to remove and transfer applications to the memory card on your Android in different versions of the platform
How to Install Android Apps to the SD Card
How to Install Android Apps to the SD Card

The Nexus series of Google and now the Pixel, have no support for microSD card. The Apple line, the iPhone, does not either. The reason for this is that keeping the system in only one memory within the smartphone prevents data loss and application malfunction due to the splitting of this memory. However, in order to give the user the chance to choose, many manufacturers offer different options and ways to use the microSD card on their devices.
Now, let’s face it, do not wait for a miracle, because passing applications to the microSD card do not necessarily mean having an older smartphone with a lighter, more fluid operating system. As the Android system evolved, older devices, even with support for a ROM like CyanogenMod, just outdated, as well as computers with internal components that do not follow more software.

What has changed regarding the use of microSD with Android Marshmallow

As I said above, to make OS usage more fluid, Android developers prefer to work the system by storing everything in just one memory. However, after many requests, Android Marshmallow has been optimized to handle the microSD cards as internal memory, so that the complete migration of your applications and data happens smoothly, making the smartphone’s memory completely expandable.But unfortunately, some manufacturers have left that option aside in their versions of Marshmallow. So, to learn how to increase the memory of your Android on smartphones from LG, Sony, and Samsung,

How to tell which applications can be installed on the microSD card

System applications, as well as widgets, can not be transferred to the memory card, as they are dependent on the internal storage of the device, and removing or transferring them may cause a system error that does not find the data required to run it. It. So the first thing you need to know is which applications you can pass to the microSD card.
Before, check the memory status of your device, because at the end of this process you can know how much space has been released from your device. To do so, go to:  Settings> Storage.Then go to:  Settings> Applications. In this screen, you will have to access application by application to transfer them to the microSD card.

Tip 1

To optimize this process, you can use an application to scan your system and find which applications can be quickly moved. However, you will need root access from your device. However, accessing our forum, you can get in touch with other users and know what is the best process to root your device.So if you have root access, download Link2SD applications and move all recommended applications to the microSD card without worry. If your smartphone does not have root, you can still use this service to know which applications you can move to the microSD card. However, you can not move them all at the same time
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