How to avoid accumulating gases in your body

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How to avoid accumulating gasses in your body

Gas is a problem that constantly lurks the digestive system . However, it is not only an aesthetic problem to achieve inflammation in the part of the abdomen , but also causes discomfort and in many cases pain. It is therefore important to know that the gases that are formed in the digestive system can be by eating habits. So to avoid them it is necessary to know what is to be eaten and how it has to be done so that the digestive process is carried out properly as well as the gases.

Intestinal gas and its effect

Intestinal gas is something normal and typical of the digestive process , but in excess can cause discomfort. They are usually eliminated by belching, because when you eat food is often swallowed air, which will generate that expels automatically. But when the process worsens and increases it is due to reflux.
Swelling is another factor for excess gas. This is due to the high accumulation of gases and the capacity to eliminate them by themselves . What can lead to abdominal pain. It also happens with the excess of flatulence that can detonate many gases in the organism.

Tips to avoid the accumulation of gasses

The way to avoid the accumulation of gases in the body is very easy, it is only necessary to follow certain measures. First, avoid high gas ingestion . So you should not abuse the use of straws, as it will introduce a lot of air, or drink a high amount of soft drinks .
Therefore, it is important to eat slowly and chew food properly to avoid gas , since apart from having a slower digestion and food does not ferment in the stomach there is so much air intake. Within the most common vices like smoking or chewing gum will increase the production of gases by the digestive system.
The foods that are least recommended are those that are rich in fats , certain vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, onion, pepper, corn, radish, bean and turnip), dried legumes, artificial sweeteners and dairy products. In addition to some fruits such as grapes and plums, and cereals in abundance such as bran and wheat.
Thus, it is important to follow these recommendations so that these intestinal gasses do not affect your life . Now that there are also some natural remedies to fight the problem in a healthy way.
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