Google announces the Android O For Developer

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Google announces the Android O For Developer

The Android Nougat was officially announced in August 2016 and is available for only 2.8% of Android smartphones. Today, Google has just announced the previous version of Android O for developers. Check all the details below.

Android O: Release Date

The official launch date of the new Android version is scheduled for the third quarter of 2017, however, we already have the beta version of the new platform. That’s right, Google just announced the Android beta for developers.

What is expected now is that Google’s developer team will showcase some of the new Android O features at its developer conference, Google I / O) from May 17-19.

Google announces the Android O For Developer
Google announces the Android O For Developer

In recent years, Google has been offering the trial version to developers as well as to users who want to use the system news first. So with Android O would be no different. Check out the Android updates program O:

  • Preview 1 – starts today in the alpha phase
  • Preview 2 – incremental update, beta
  • Preview 3 – Final APIs and Official SDK
  • Preview 4 – practically official images available for final test
  • Official Launch of AOSP and ecosystem

Android O: how to download the previous version

As in previous years, you can download system images from the official Android Developers website and install on one of the devices below:

  • Nexus 5X
  • Nexus 6P
  • Nexus Player
  • Pixel C
  • Pixel
  • Pixel XL

In order to use the new version of Android O, you will have to be part of Google’s beta testing program. According to Google, the images will be available soon, considering what happened with Android N, we can say this should happen even today.

Warning: when flashing this alpha version of Android O, keep in mind that you will lose your data and have an unstable system running on your device.

Android O: Known Roles and Other Rumors

So far, what we have about the ad is not much, and everything Google has announced is much more targeted to the developer community than to users. However, what we know so far, among features found in the Android alpha O and rumors, you will find below:

Limits on background energy usage: we will have an optimization of energy use in the background. From what we’ve seen, we’ll have a greater automatic limitation on what apps and services will be able to access when they’re running in the background. Check out the official documentation here  and here.

Changes in the interface:  As we can see in the screenshots below, we can not say that there are many changes in the user interface of Android O, however, at this time alpha expected are the addition of more features and less change in design:

What we notice so far is that the design of the settings menu has changed, we no longer have the option to Support, the easter egg has not been renewed (it’s still the kitten), the notifications bar keeps showing notifications even after you slide For system shortcuts. And best of all is that we noticed some changes in the backup service, even SMS already appears in this menu.

Copy less:  Other information that seems to be confirmed is regarding optimizations in how we copy and paste text into Android. The feature must be added to the Gboard, the keyboard developed by Google, or it will come as a native function of the system.

The idea is that when you are in a chat with a friend talking about places to dine, for example, if you find a restaurant option in a second search app such as Four Square, the moment you are writing to your Contact, the keyboard will automatically add the name of the restaurant you found previously to the writing suggestions. This, of course, will automate actions and leave your conversation experience better.

In addition, the system will recognize that the message content is an address, so by clicking on this address, the system will quickly launch applications such as Google Maps. Currently, in message apps, you would have to copy and paste the address into Maps to be able to do the same action.

What will be the name of Android O?

Google launches game in partnership with Oreo

Mondelēz, an owner of the brand Oreo, has launched a game in partnership with Google, in which the user needs to throw a cookie from inside the glass of milk to other parts of the world. The mechanism behind the game is offered by Google, as it is based on Google’s search engine and Google Maps data. To play it, you need to access the  Oreo Dunk Challenge page through your smartphone.

This is not the first time Google has partnered with a candy maker. In 2013, the search giant has reached an agreement with Nestlé for Android 4.4, which bears the name of a well-known candy company, KitKat. No smartphone game was involved in the marketing strategy of both companies, but KitKat’s packaging came with promotional codes in some countries where the user could exchange for credits on Google Play and also on a Nexus tablet.

Now, months before Google I / O, Google closes a partnership with Mondelēz using the Oreo brand, which is one of the names considered among users for the next version of Android, the Android 8.0 “O”. Another very interesting point is that on February 23, Google started registrations for Google I / O 2017, shortly before the announcement of the cookie game. Sorry, but I do not believe this is just a coincidence.

Lockheimer sang the ball

Hiroshi Lockheimer, the president of Android, is well known for making suggestive jokes on his Twitter account. In fact, the executive likes to confuse the onlookers with very suggestive posts. The good news of Lockheimer was this tweet: Of course, as I said, the executive is known for the pranks he preaches on his Twitter, but frankly, it’s quite curious that the name Oreo appears again by someone directly linked to Google. This tweet is from February 19, that is, three days before the cookie game’s release.

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