Formula 1 2017: The awakening of strength

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Formula 1 2017: The awakening of strength

The new Formula 1 that is about to start will give much to talk about. The new regulation will cause us to see different races than we have witnessed in recent years. The cars will be faster – around four seconds – there will be fewer pit stops , it will be more difficult to overtake , they will mean a greater physical requirement for the drivers, the pole will not be achieved in the first attempt and, at least in the beginning, The cars could be even less reliable when it comes to brand new cars.

Another thing will be the results. Everything indicates that Mercedes will continue to dominate as it has so far. The mystery that arises is whether this year really will rival. Apparently, during the preseason, Ferrari could discuss his leadership. It has a fast car and, a priori, reliable. In those conditions, Sebastian Vettel will be a pilot to take very into account.

Neither can you ignore Red Bull? Before the tests, they were the ones to be disputed the scepter to those of Brackley. Now they seem to have stayed as the third of the row, although they should not be discarded. The problems with the Renault engine do not seem to be worrisome in terms of the ones exposed by them and having the trump card of the aerodynamic guru, Adrian Newey, is always a plus.

Formula 1 2017 The awakening of strength
Formula 1 2017 The awakening of strength

However, Mercedes ‘s potential is so great that they could have been able to ‘save’ during tests to hide their true potential. ‘The Beast’, as Hamilton put it in the presentation, seems to be crouching and could be in the first three races of the year. And Mercedes is interested not to be 3% more powerful than the worst in that period of time not to be limited to 2018 for the sake of equality.

A worse that looks like it will be Sauber, although it is not ruled out that could be, at least in the beginning, the McLaren-Honda of Alonso. The preseason has been disastrous, at the level of the first year of the British-Japanese association. There were high hopes for this season that gave so many opportunities to grow. And it seems that they have not been able to take advantage of it. Another tough year is expected.

The other Spanish trick, Carlos Sainz, is played a lot this year. It could be the last one in Toro Rosso after a cycle of three years. The Renault option is still there, as another one is sure to emerge. But the main one for the Madrilenian is still a seat at Red Bull. Their results, which will also depend on the level of the Toro Rosso, will determine their future.

The battle for the middle zone will also be interesting. Together with Faenza, Williams, Force India and Renault, they will compete for fourth place.

All this joins the new faces of two pilots called to be the reference in the future: Stoffel Vandoorne and Lance Stroll. And also the news that may be incorporating the new owners of a competition that will live their ‘Year 0’ after the departure of Bernie Ecclestone. Many incentives for a season that hopes to rekindle the desire and interest of the fans.

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