FBI confirms investigating connections between Russia and Trump campaign and denies Obama espionage

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FBI confirms investigating connections between Russia and Trump campaign and denies Obama espionage

James Comey said the FBI is investigating any connection between any individual associated with the Trump campaign and the Russian government. He also said there is no information to support the president’s tweets that Obama telephoned the Trump Tower.
FBI chief James Comey on Monday confirmed during an interpellation before Congress that his bureau is investigating possible connections between Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia’s intervention in the presidential election. He also said there is no information to back up the Republican president’s allegations that Obama spied his campaign.
“I have been authorized by the Justice Department to confirm that the FBI, as part of our counterintelligence mission, is investigating the efforts of the Russian government to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, and that includes investigating the nature of any connection between individuals Associated with the Trump campaign and the Russian government, “he said.
He added that this includes “if there was any coordination between the campaign and the Russian efforts.” As with any counterintelligence investigation, this also includes seeing if any crimes were committed. “
In any case, the FBI chief asserted that if confirmed, it would be a “serious crime.” James Comey also said that Russia’s goal in interfering in the 2016 election was to affect Hillary Clinton’s chances and by default, to help Trump win.
In this case, Comey said Russian intelligence used intermediaries to contact the WikiLeaks leaks site, which was the e-mail from the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign chief John Podesta in an attempt For influencing election results.
It is the first time that Comey acknowledges that such investigation is ongoing and is taking place on a key day where details of Russian espionage are being revealed to 2016 presidential. The House Intelligence Committee is not only challenging Comey. The director of the National Security Agency, Admiral Michael Rogers, also answers questions about Russian espionage activities.
Both Comey and Rogers said following a question by Florida Republican Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen that Russia had never before intervened in a US election so flagrantly that it even saw Moscow wanting to publicly state who was responsible.

“I have no information to support these tweets”

On the other key issue of the day, the FBI chief asserted that no information supports Trump’s allegations that the Barack Obama administration spied on Trump’s campaign and telephoned the Trump Tower. Comey said the courts should give permission for that to happen and that it is a rigorous process.
“With all respect to the president’s tweets … I have no information to support those tweets,” Comey said. “The Department of Justice has asked me to share with you that the answer is the same from that department and all of its components,” he said. “The Department has no information to support those tweets.”
“The ASN did not intervene,” said the director of the National Security Agency, Admiral Michael Rogers.
According to the head of the House Intelligence Committee, Republican Devin Nunes, Monday’s hearing focuses on Russia’s intervention in the election, Trump’s unproven allegation about the alleged phone intervention to Trump Tower by Part of the Obama administration and who leaked classified information during the election.
In his first open speech, Democrat Adam Schiff, number two of the Intelligence Committee said that this hearing is crucial to determine what role the Trump campaign played in Russian interference during the election: “Is it a coincidence that Jeff Sessions Current attorney general) did not tell the Senate about his meetings with the Russian ambassador, not only during the (Republican) convention but at a more private meeting in his office when the US elections were under attack by Russia?
Comey’s words highlight the president who accused his predecessor of having heard him at Trump Tower during the election campaign. He did it without proof a couple of weeks ago, raising a political storm that his critics called a smokescreen to distract opinion from other more relevant political issues. So far, no evidence has been found to support the president’s indictment and Comey’s words are expected to be headed in that direction.
The hearing also sheds light on the FBI’s investigations into Russia’s meddling in the US presidential election process. If the issue of espionage can be a blow to Trump, Republicans hope that the agency director can confirm in public that no evidence has been found that the current president’s campaign was in contact with the Kremlin to influence the outcome Of the elections. 

US intelligence agencies are convinced that Russian hackers worked to attack Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton by posting her campaign emails. For US espionage there is little doubt that Moscow is behind all these maneuvers, but it is not clear if Trump or his environment participated in some kind of strategy to take the magnet to the Oval Office.
Doubts over these possible contacts have permeated the early days of Trump’s presidency, especially after his National Security adviser, General Michael Flynn, was forced to resign after he was discovered to have spoken to him Russian ambassador to the United States, but had concealed this information during his confirmation hearings in the Senate.
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