Best Custom ROMs for Android 2017

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Best Custom ROMs for Android 2017

Those who want to keep their smartphones for more than two years need a Custom ROM to keep their system up to date. There are many reasons to install them on your Android device, but which one to choose? We present the best ones below, it’s up to you to choose the one you want.
Best Custom ROMs for Android 2017
Best Custom ROMs for Android 2017

ROM Customs: Is Death at the End of the Road?

Good Customs ROMs can be spotted thanks to their active community and thanks to a large number of compatible devices.Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer people who fall within these criteria. Those who still want to root their Nexus 5 or their Galaxy S5 today do not have many alternatives.
You may ask yourself: why is there less ROM? They have not disappeared but they no longer have any real advantages compared to the original ROM devices. The latter have stolen the spotlight at ROM Customs thanks to the following points:
  • Faster Security Updates
  • Less bloatware (pre-installed applications)
  • Improved UI
If you find that these three points do not concern your current ROM, then you may want to consider installing a ROM. 

LineageOS vs CyanogenMod

Lineage is the heir of CyanogenMod. Fans of the old Mod must, therefore, say goodbye to this good old CyanogenMod. Equalizing it, the theme engine and root access for applications belong to the past. The latter is possible for those who compile themselves, then you must activate “export WITH_SU = true” in the code. Or, you can flash a ZIP file in the Extras area of the LineageOS download page.
Another difference is in Recovery. On CyanogenMod, the recovery update was optional, on Lineage the restore partition during updates is automatically overwritten. This is quite unfortunate if you want to keep your own Recovery, for example, TWRP. This has simply disappeared from the developer options.

Lineage becomes the alternative to CyanogenMod

CyanogenMod was very well suited for beginners since the Wiki was very explicit. This one is now offline and needs to be remade but Lineage was able to save some of the tutorials and also has its own wiki. In addition, a copy of the old wiki was created.
Lineage offers a compact launcher, a camera application, and some pre-installed applications, which allows a lot of memory and little use of RAM. Audio profiles put your smartphone in silent or sound mode depending on certain conditions. The privacy feature sends false data to applications whose permissions can not normally be removed. And the best thing is that Lineage can resurrect old smartphones.We will hear a lot about Lineage in the coming weeks, we will keep you informed of all the information you need to know about the subject. 

Dirty Unicorns

Dirty Unicorns is suitable for Nexus, Oppo, OnePlus, Xiaomi and some HTC devices and some Samsung. In terms of functionality, it’s quite similar to Lineage, and Dirty Unicorns provides root access per application as well as regular updates to ensure security and stability.Dirty Unicorn is the system with the largest device support. In addition, the frequency with which updates are published is also exemplary.Thanks to OmniSwitch, you can do multitasking very easily. The Dirty Tweaks contain important configuration possibilities that are lacking in the traditional Android.


SlimRoms is available as Alpha, Weekly or Stable for many smartphones. The number of functions is considerably reduced and, as the name suggests, the system is rather light. SlimRooms is limited to changes to the interface.A Slim ROM is more an optimization than a true modification of your smartphone. Few systems are also lightweight, even the application preview places optimization first: you can close all apps at the same time. If you use TouchWiz or LG UX, you will appreciate the simplicity of SlimRoms. That said, if you enjoy the benefits of Lineage, they may miss you if you opt for SlimRoms.


PAC ROM is, unfortunately, dead. The death was reported in September 2016 on Google+. It’s a shame, especially for the nice animation when starting.

Android Paranoid

We thought Paranoid dead and buried but he is back. With its window mode, it is aimed particularly at Nexus tablets. Otherwise, it does not offer anything special and there are only a few updates.
Paranoid Android can be installed on Nexus devices over the past 4 years, on Sony devices, on some Oppo smartphones, and on OnePlus One. During one year the project was abandoned but since the summer of 2016, it is again topical.The range of features is minimal. Apart from themes and the browser, PA offers almost nothing. Even the root is missing. The only feature, the window mode, is slowly replaced by the multi-window mode of Android Nougat.

ROM Customs: what are the advantages?

One of the great advantages of Android smartphones on the iPhone is that they can install a different system than the manufacturer. It replaces the Android variant that Sony, Samsung, HTC and any other manufacturer places on the device by an OpenSource variant that is maintained by voluntary developers.

1. Older smartphones can use a current version

Updates are usually the main reason why people install a custom ROM. When the smartphone becomes too old, the manufacturer no longer provides software updates and no longer allows the user to get new features or security patches.

2. The smartphone becomes faster

Another advantage of installing a Custom ROM is that the device becomes faster. Goodbye, too heavy overlayers and pre-installed applications, you gain e-space and it’s really important.

3. You can do without Google apps

If you install a Custom ROM, you do not have any Google applications. A majority of people quickly install Google apps in order to access the Play Store but there are alternatives. 

Is there a Custom ROM for my device?

There are many sources where you can find out which system is available for your device. You can find information on our forum on XDA-Developers because you are well received. The advantage of forums is that everyone can share their experience and/or lend a helping hand in case of difficulties.
Look first for Lineage
If you’re lucky, Lineage is available for your smartphone or tablet. Search your device on this site to find out. Lineage uses the update structure used by CyanogenMod and regularly offers automatic updates. Thus, you will not have too much to ask yourself questions on the subject;

Disadvantages of ROM Customs

Customs ROMs are great but before deciding to replace its interface by this system, you have to take into account all the disadvantages.

A lot of work

Customs ROMs are mainly aimed at handymen who like to face technical challenges. If that’s not your thing, Custom ROMs probably will not please you. With updates, root applications and non-stable versions, it’s better to be patient.

Missing or insufficient functionality 

It was essentially the users of Samsung and Sony who complained of a loss in quality of the camera application. If you use your smartphone essentially as a camera, a Custom ROM may well disappoint you. The reason is simply that drivers are not always available for all devices. They must be associated with the firmware, otherwise, the modders can offer only limited potential or even nothing at all. In the same vein, fingerprint readers, NFC sensors, and even mobile data may not work. 


Customs ROMs can resurrect old devices and can be useful on new devices as they can provide more space or simply get a smarter faster, safer and with more features. 
That said, the community system has regressed much and the supply is not always up to the demand. If you want to use your device more than 2 years, you can search for a Custom ROM but make sure you know what you are doing.
Do you install a Custom ROM on your devices?
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