Apple AirPods review

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Apple AirPods review

Apple AirPods review.The Apple AirPods are the completely wireless headset that wirelessly with the iPhone are connected. And that is special: Apple has designed it to be like no other Bluetooth headset integrated into the Apple universe. Loadbox hinged, and the adjacent iPhone shows equal the connection dialog. The link is synchronized with iCloud with other Apple devices.
But what Apple has thought about the design, many ask themselves. After the performance in the autumn, the manufacturer had to be ridiculed. The comparison with a head of an electric toothbrush is the best-known example. Everything Humbug? In the test video everyone can form their own opinion about the design:

AirPods in the test: wear comfort

In presenting the  EarPods  2012, the company proudly declared that it had hundreds of ears scanned to create this style. Finally, the headphones should fit as many iPhone owners as possible. The form has proved its worth and also its imitators found. Many listeners fit perfectly, but some people do not at all. Also here in the editorial office. With the  EarPods that come with the iPhone, everyone can try whether the AirPods fit. Because the form has not changed Apple, apart from the thick stub and sensor openings.
Impressive 8 grams shows the scales for both plugs. This makes them clearly “less noticeable” to their users than other listeners. Thanks to the flat design, the AirPods are very good in the ear, see the video. They do not even fall out when the cap is pulled down. An alternative that VerveOnes Motorola (test) were, as ever outside the supermarket on the way. These still protrude from the ear, feel more clumsy – and do not hold so well. 
So: The AirPods sit well, are light and little noticeable. Apple has done a good job.

AirPods in the Test: Functions

The small design also has a disadvantage: there is no room for a volume and music control. Who wants the next generation of headphones listeners with the touch surface, will wait in vain: At least with this design, one could push the handset out of the ear, which is sure to omit Apple. Just leave a double-dip for the music control to start Siri. The language assistant understands “Lauter”, “Next title” etc., In the full subway Siri is however reluctantly used, especially since it takes more time and an Internet connection. Practically, at least the removal of a handset stops playback and restarts upon insertion.
The double tap can be had with Play / Pause show the settings and another can be seen in the gallery:

The W1 chip in the AirPods allows a more sophisticated communication with the iOS devices. Thus the coupling becomes even simpler, both listeners can also be used individually. Via iCloud and the Apple ID the connection is transferred to other devices – a great service. However, not all is running yet, one uses several iOS devices with the AirPods. Play music from the iPad, for example, and make a call on the iPhone, do not switch it (always). Good Bluetooth headsets can do this. The singlet ran with the change of the sound not immediately over the AirPods, or a connection in the Bluetooth settings was necessary. Problems that can be solved by software updates.
The hardware in itself provides a good prerequisite for a smooth use: we had no connection breaks as with competition models in everyday life. This is unfortunately not a matter of course in this product category (best example Bragi The Dash) – but it must be natural.
Also with regard to endurance, the AirPods are partly ahead of the competition: Apple calculates the running time to five hours. After three hours (quiet) listening to the music the test was still showing a respectable 50 percent. Samsung Gear IconX have since long ago made limp. The duration, however, depends on the use, especially with the telephone seems the consumption to be higher. The few AirPods are empty, but they are put back into the case. The Beechen is charging the listeners, whether via lightning connection or with the built-in battery, which should last for 24 hours.

Sound quality of the AirPods in the test

Let us stay right on the phone: even on a street phone calls, the AirPods filter the background noise well. However, I have not yet found an in-ear headset that delivers better voice quality than the iPhone itself – because the microphone is closer to the mouth of the smartphone. Also, the AirPods can not surpass the smartphone. However, language filtering does a very good job, the intelligibility is much better than the VerveOnes +. This resulted in a blind test via telephone, a direct comparison. The recording of the AirPods is specifically optimized for voice and telephone frequencies – they do not sound nice, but understandable. For music sketches or voice notes, the iPhone microphone and the cable headset are a much better choice.
Let’s listen to the music: The sound of the AirPods differs only minimally from the EarPods (possibly electronically). This means that for a small earphone that does not close the auditory canal, the sound is amazingly full, with a bit of punch and moderate-strong bass (not exaggerated). The fact that it still sounds a little softened, is because of the moderate transparency and low depth staggering. 180-Euro sound level can not be achieved here. The familiar celestial competition, however, is not a bit better, on the contrary. The price is obviously paid for wireless technology.
Very pleasant: The airports are spared from noise. No cables rattling, no sound of footsteps for a sealed ear canal (see also the test of in-ear headphones with Bluetooth ). And also no noise from a moderate chip.
Apple AirPods review

Test results for the Apple AirPods

Completely cordless headphones are still a rarity. Apple makes much better than the competition and is not even more expensive with 179 euros. Although it sometimes hops- pens at the device change, the listeners are generally very every day and comfortable, with a good sound on the road. Perhaps the deliberate mockery about the design was deliberately accepted – or ignored in advance.
Nevertheless, if you like the EarPods you will find in the AirPods a nice cable alternative.
And another note: If you lose a listener, you can buy it individually. It is also possible to charge the battery for replacement. Some are happy that the manufacturer offers the service, some criticize the prices.
Test Review Apple AirPods
  • Sound: 75 percent
  • Wear comfort: 90 percent
  • Hardware, design & functions: 80 percent
  • Battery: 85 percent
Total: 80 percent (of the sound constituting 50 percent of the final grade)
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